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Aviators Hot Line – Bringing Buyers and Sellers together for over 30 years! Aviators Hot Line has been and continues to be the trusted monthly source the aviation industry has relied upon to help in the buying and selling of single, twin engine piston aircraft, and parts and services. Published monthly, in print and digital format, Aviators Hot Line is distributed monthly to subscribers, qualifying FBOs and aircraft owners worldwide. Aviators Hot Line is positioned to become your true marketing solution provider with multimedia choices. Aviators Hot Line® is published by Heartland Communications Group, Inc. of Fort Dodge, Iowa.
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Since 1991 Business Air has been a trusted resource for bringing buyers and sellers of Business Aircraft together with targeted, cost effective advertising solutions. Today Business Air is taking it to the next level by introducing complete multi-media choices for you to choose from. By growing our digital and international subscribers, Business Air helps advertisers grow into new markets. Business Air is published monthly and circulates worldwide to qualifying FBOs, corporate flight departments, including chief pilots, jet and turboprop owners and operators, dealers and brokers. Advertisers benefit from our exclusive circulation targeted to qualified buyers.

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Heartland Communications Group, Inc.

On April 14, 1966, the first four-page Contractors Hot Line “want-to-buy” newsletter was distributed by an Iowa contractor and his wife to industry professionals searching for an easier way to locate and sell equipment in the Midwest. The success of the newsletter became the foundation for Heartland Communications Group, Inc., which has launched dozens of publications over the last five decades. Today, the company produces more than 20 print magazines, digital publications, and annual guides for the agriculture, construction, aviation, industrial machines, and consumer lifestyle markets. While Heartland Communications Group Inc. continues to adhere to the philosophy of connecting buyers and sellers, it has expanded its offerings over the years to provide a full range of marketing services—from print and electronic advertising, editorial and public relations, subscriptions, list marketing, bulk mailing, and graphic design. Based on the needs of its clients and readers, its products now reach a global audience. The company operates from its home office in Fort Dodge, as well as satellite offices in Des Moines, Iowa; Kansas City, Mo.; Lincoln, Neb.; Manitowoc, Wis.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Denver, Colo.; and London, England.