Learjet 45XR

Aircraft Information

Serial Number:
United States

Seller Information

Annapolis, United States
Contact Name:
Avpro Inc.
(410) 573-1515
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Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45XR
Aircraft Description: 

Aircraft Highlights:

  • Engines & APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Aircell ATG-2000 w/ Text-to-Talk
  • WAAS/LPV Capable
  • ADS-B Out v.2 Compliant
  • 2015 Paint & Interior Refurbishment

Please contact Eric Davis for more information.

Specification Sheet: 
Airframe Information: 

TTAF: 4348

Landings: 4897

Maximum Taxi Weight: 21,750 lbs.
Maximum Take Off Weight: 21,500 lbs.
Maximum Landing Weight: 19,200 lbs.
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 16,000 lbs.
Basic Empty Weight: 13,881 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 6,062 lbs

Avionics Information: 

Honeywell Primus 1000 Avionics Suite w/ Four (4) DU-870 Display Units
Dual Honeywell RM-855 Radio Management Units
Dual Honeywell RCZ-833M VHF Comms w/ 8.33 Spacing
Dual Honeywell RNZ-851 NAV Units w/ FM Immunity
Dual Honeywell AZ-950 Air Data Computers
Honeywell Primus 660 Digital Weather Radar
Honeywell TCAS 2000 w/ 7.1
Honeywell Mark V EGPWS w/ Windshear
Dual Honeywell DA-800 Data Acquisition Units
Dual IC-6000, Phase VI Integrated Avionics Computer
Dual UNS-1Ew Flight Management Systems w/ WAAS/LPV
Universal Solid-State Data Transfer Unit
Dual LCR-100 Attitude Heading Reference Computer
Honeywell 30 Minute Solid State CVR
L3 Harris FA2100 Solid State FDR
LED Map Lights
Artex C406-2 ELT w/ NAV Interface
Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch

Navigation Compliance
RVSM Compliant
WAAS/LPV Capable
ADS-B Out v.2 Compliant
RNP 5/RNP 10/MNPS/RNAV Compliant
USB Ports for Paperless Cockpit

Engine Information: 

Honeywell TFE731-20BR-1B

Engine 1: S/N P-132115C
4348 HSN, 4897 CSN

Engine 2: S/N P-132116C
4348 HSN, 4897 CSN

APU: Honeywell RE100   S/N P-426
1596 HSN, 4219 CSN

Interior Information: 

Eight (8) seat executive cabin arranged in a double club configuration, with fold out tables at each club grouping. Chairs are upholstered in a beige Reindeer leather, with complimentary Rocco Barley textured linen upper sidewall and tan Greenwich Stripe carpet throughout. Entertainment and connectivity options in the cabin include: Iridium ICS-100 flight phone with handsets in cabin and cockpit, Aircell ATG-2000 and a Hi-Definition 10.5” LED Monitor mounted on the right-hand bulkhead which displays the Airshow 500 flight information system. In the forward cabin, adjacent to the main entry door, is a galley with hot beverage dispenser, cold beverage and ice storage and ample space to store catering.

In the aft cabin there is a fully enclosed, private lavatory with an externally serviceable, belted potty, lighted vanity mirror, and 15 cubic feet of interior baggage space. Further aft of the lavatory, aft of the pressure bulkhead, is perhaps the Lear 45XR’s strongest feature – 50 cubic feet of heated external baggage. This is enough storage to fit six sets of golf clubs with bags and will still accommodate eight passengers with full fuel – a true novelty in the super-light aircraft segment.

Softgoods Refurbished June 2015 @ Duncan Aviation (BTL)

Collins ICS-100 Single Channel Iridium Satcom Transceiver w/ Handsets in Cockpit and Cabin
Aircell ATG-2000 w/ Text to Talk

Collins Airshow 500
Forward Rosen 10.5” High Def LCD Bulkhead Monitor

Exterior Information: 

Overall Matterhorn White with Red, Pearl Fawn (Tan), Black & Platinum Accent Striping.

New Paint June 2015 by Duncan Aviation (KBTL) - Excellent Condition, Rated 8.5/10

Aircraft Maintenance: 

Maintenance Programs
Engines Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold ($327.69/hr.)
APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold ($114.45/hr.)

Inspection Last c/w Next Due
Phase A Aug. '19 @ 4190 Hrs. Aug '20 @ 4490 Hrs
Phase B Mar. '18 @ 3845 Hrs Mar. '20 @ 4445 Hrs
Phase C Nov. '16 @ 3536 Hrs Nov. '20 @ 4736 Hrs
Phase D Sep. '13 @ 2391 Hrs Sep. '21 @ 4791 Hrs
4800 Hour N/A 4800 Hrs
9600 Hour N/A 9600 Hrs
96 Mo. Gear Insp. Oct. '16 @ 4351 Ldgs Oct. '24 @ 10,951 Ldgs
Major Landing Gear Insp. N/A 10,000 Ldgs