Gulfstream GV

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United States

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Annapolis, Maryland, United States
(410) 626-6162
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Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Gulfstream GV
Aircraft Description: 

The Gulfstream GV was the first contender in the ultra-long-range private jet category. It is capable of flying anywhere in the world including nonstop flights from New Zealand to San Francisco or Denver to Beijing. It is an extremely reliable and high-performing aircraft flying up to Mach 0.90 and 51,000 feet and has a range of 6,500 nautical miles (12,000 km).

This pristine aircraft— a true work of art—offers best-in-class cabin amenities, sophisticated avionics and sets a new standard in spaciousness and elegance. The interior accommodates 14 passengers and four crewmembers providing an oasis of comfort and style. The Gulfstream GV is ideal for travelers that need to complete cross-country or international flights quickly. It’s combination of range/payload capacity, speed, and reliability make it a first-rate ultra-long-range private jet.

Avjet Global is pleased to offer this exquisite Gulfstream GV on behalf of its client. We invite inquiries from serious buyers looking to invest in an aviation asset of great beauty and enduring value. To find out more about this Gulfstream GV or any of Avjet Global’s other listings, visit

Airframe Information: 

TTAF: 5964.9

Landings: 2212

Avionics Information: 

HF Comm No. 1 Rockwell Collins HF9034A
HF Comm No. 2 Rockwell Collins HF9034A
VHF Comm No. 1 Rockwell Collins VHF‐422D
VHF Comm No. 2 Rockwell Collins VHF‐422C
VHF Comm No. 3 Rockwell Collins VHF-4000 (Datalink)
SAT COM Honeywell SD‐600
CVR L3 FA2100 SSCVR (Datalink Recording)
MADC No. 1 Honeywell AZ840
MADC No. 2 Honeywell AZ840
MADC No. 3 Honeywell AZ840
IAC No. 1 (FMS) Honeywell IC800 (with 6.1 s/w)
IAC No. 2 (FMS) Honeywell IC800 (with 6.1 s/w)
IAC No. 3 (FMS) Honeywell NZ-2000 (with 6.1 s/w)
IRU No. 1 Honeywell Laseref III
IRU No. 2 Honeywell Laseref III
IRU No. 3 Honeywell Laseref III
VHF NAV 1 Rockwell Collins VIR‐432
VHF NAV 2 Rockwell Collins VIR‐432
ADF No. 1 Rockwell Collins ADF‐462
ADF No. 2 Rockwell Collins ADF‐462
DME No. 1 Rockwell Collins DME‐442
DME No. 2 Rockwell Collins DME‐ 442
ATC transponder No. 1 Rockwell Collins TDR‐94D (ADS-B Out)
ATC transponder No. 2 Rockwell Collins TDR‐94D (ADS-B Out)
TCAS Honeywell TPU 67B Change 7.1
Weather Radar Honeywell WU‐880
Radio Altimeter No. 1 Honeywell RT‐300
Radio Altimeter No. 2 Honeywell RT‐300
GPS No. 1 Honeywell HG2021KB02 (WAAS)
GPS No. 2 Honeywell HG2021KB02 (WAAS)
EGPWS Honeywell MK V
HUD Honeywell HG200
Lightning Sensor Honeywell LP-850
Security System Securaplane

Engine Information: 

Engine 1: 5891.2 HSN, 2148 CSN
Engine 2: 5910.6 HSN, 2161 CSN

APU: Honeywell RE220
4025 HSN

Interior Information: 

The cabin configuration provides seating capacity of 14 passengers. The seats are designed with adjustable headrests, pull-out footrests, single level track and recline/180° swivel control, seat belt and shoulder harness restraint system, armrest and seat base stowage. The cabin seat layout consists of seven single seats, two double seats in the Aft Cabin conference group, and a four-place divan.

Cabin Entertainment
Entertainment and communication systems with Airshow 400, fax machine, 14-inch forward bulkhead LCD and aft credenza video monitors, single arm-rest seat monitors, triple Sony DVD players, dual Sony VHS cassette recorders and compact disc player, external camera system (4).

Exterior Information: 

Overall white with customized red and grey stripes.

Aircraft Maintenance: 

Engines Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
Parts Enrolled on Computerized Maintenance Program – CMP
APU Enrolled on JSSI Program

Additional Information: 

ADS-B Out: (ASC 192A)
FANS 1/A: (STC ST04030AT-D)
FMS 6.1 software: (ASC 209A)
TCAS 7.1: (ASC 188B)
QAR: (ASC 179)
Underwater Acoustic Beacon : (ASC 218)

Deactivated Systems
Cabin Speaker System is permanently deactivated.
External Camera – Vertical Stabilizer – is deactivated.