Boeing BBJ

Aircraft Information

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Florida, United States

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
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Russell Dise
(561) 242-4393
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Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Aircraft Description: 

Stage 4 Noise Compliance. 16 Passengers TCAS 7.1. 8 Auxiliary Fuel Tanks. Range: 6,000 N.M. / 11,112 KM. Enrolled on BBJ Components Exchange Program. Cabin Equipment Enrolled on Sabena Technics Warranty Program. Maintenance Control: CAMP MTX System.

Entry Into Service: 2016

Airframe Information: 

Landings: 169

Avionics Information: 

Pitot-Static System
Automatic Direction Finder System (ADFS)
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Flight Management Computing System (FMCS)
Air Data Computing System Air Data Inertial Reference System (ADIRS)
Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
PFD and Multi-Functional Window (MFW)
Displays Flight Control Panel (FCP)
Reversion Switch Panel (RSP)
Cursor Control Panel (CCP)
Multi-function Keyboard Panel (MKP)
Lamp Driver Unit (LDU)
Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)
Integrated Flight Managements System (FMS)
Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
Integrated Electronic Checklist (ECL)
Graphical Flight Planning
Graphical Radio Turning
Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
VOR/Marker Beacon System
Air Traffic Control System (ATCS)
Distance Measuring Equipment System (DMES)
Weather Radar System (WXR)
Standby Attitude and Direction
Multi-Mode Receiver (MMR)
Instrument Landing System (ILS)
Marker Beacon System
Radio Altimeter System (RA)
Head-up Display (HUD)

Engine Information: 

CFM 56-7BE

Left: S/N 660761
781 HSN, 169 CSN

Right: S/N 660765
781 HSN, 169 CSN

APU: Honeywell GTCP 131-9B   S/N P-10661
502 HSN

Interior Information: 

Business Lounge: Twelve (12) Passenger Single Seats
VIP Lounge: Two (2) 5-Place Divans
VIP Bedroom: Double Sized Bed, Single VIP Seat
Fwd Crew Rest Area
Fwd Galley
Fwd Crew Lavatory
Aft VIP Lavatory

Exterior Information: 

White Upper Fuselage with Dark Blue Lower Fuselage and Golden Stripe

Aircraft Maintenance: 

Time Limits/Maintenance Checks | Compliance | Next Due

    6M Check | 03-Aug-2016 | 03-Feb-2017
    12M Check | 18-Feb-2016 | 18-Feb-2017
    24M Check | 18-Feb-2016 | 18-Feb-2018