Experience, Knowledge, Passion

Whether you have a precise requirement for a specific aircraft, or a vague concept and understanding of your needs, the SOLJETS’ professionals have refined a Solution that ensures YOUR needs, missions, and goals are met. With clarity we work together to provide the Intel and resources to enable YOU to make the best decisions – whether buying or selling. The SOLJETS Solution has four key steps: Assess, Assemble, Act, Alliance.

SOLJETS’ Focus is You

The SOLJETS solution combines the ideal aircraft with the right process, ownership structure, and foundation to make sure that your jet is a simple, efficient, and satisfying part of your life. Freedom, adventure, delivered. With SOLJETS, that dream can become a reality.

Leveraging Art & Science

Matching the right aircraft with the right owner takes more than internet advertising and email campaigns. The team at SOLJETS leverages industry relationships built over decades of experience to broaden our global reach and uncover unique opportunities for you. Any buyer or seller can look through online ads to find a few retail solutions. At SOLJETS, our team goes where others won’t to find the right buyer or seller. We’ve built deep ties with manufacturers, lenders, insurers, and global operators so that we are in a position to not only hear about transaction opportunities before others, but to be instrumental in making those opportunities work for you.

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