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Turbine Amphibious-Floatplanes has turbine amphibious aircraft for sale including a variety of new and used seaplanes. We have floatplanes listed for sale, that use pontoons for landing on the water or flying boats whose fuselage gives them the necessary buoyancy.  Whether you’re a recreational pilot who likes to travel to remote locations or a business that needs aircraft that can land on both land and sea, we have aircraft that will meet your needs. We also have aircraft that can be used for charter services or for search and rescue operations at sea.

Among the manufacturers we have for sale are Cessna and Grumman amphibious aircraft. If you can’t find an aircraft that meet your needs or budget, then sign up for our P.A.L. service. You’ll be notified when one that does meet your requirements becomes available. If you have a turbine amphibious aircraft for sale, then list it on our website to reach prospective buyers of all types.

Cessna Caravan 208 Amphibian
Pampa, TX
United States