Piper PA-22/20-150

Aircraft Information

Serial Number:
Archer, Florida, United States

Seller Information

Archer, Florida, United States
Contact Name:
Paul Rempe
(352) 486-2139
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Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Piper PA-22/20-150
Aircraft Description: 

1951 Piper Tri-Pacer Conversion to PA-22/20-150 in 2013

Stop By & See To or From SUN 'n FUN 2018 - Convenient Florida Location

$31,000 OBO

Airframe Information: 

TTAF: 1300

Avionics Information: 

Collins VHF 250 Com
Collins VIR 350 Nav
King KI 208 Nav Indicator
BT-3509A Transponder
Ameriking AK-350 Encoder
Garmin 95XL GPS

Engine Information: 

SMOH: 150

Additional Information: 

New Light Weight Alternator & Starter
New Grove Wheels
New Brakes
New Metal Gear Leg Fairings
New Bungees
New Landing Gear
New Brake Master Cyls. from PA-28
New Tail Wheel Assembly
Conversion Kit from Univair done December 2012

Major Restoration in 2002 - New thick windshield, side windows, PA-28 Type Pilot Window Air Vent, Lower Cowl & Air Scoop, Oil Cooler Mod, Stits Fuselage Recover, Stainless Firewall.

History & Details
Acquired airplane in late 1992.  Wings, ailerons and flaps had been removed and recovered with Stits and were ready to install.  Aircraft was very original at this time with O-290 engine & venturi's.  Assembled in 1993 after numerous routine repairs and servicing.  All logs and records are available and are very complete.  Aircraft has always been hangared.  Aircraft was not used from 1995 to 1998 during a period when another plane was available.  Back in service in 1998 to 2001.  Removed from service in 2001 for major restoration and upgrades.  Upgrades included fuselage and tail group new Stits recover.  Frame was epoxy primed and painted with white Imron.  Wood stringers were replaced with aluminum.  All sheet metal skins were newly fabricated including cowl.  All glass, including windshield replaced new with much thicker.  Entire cabin area heavily insulated to reduce noise.  New Stainless firewall overly .015".  Replaced O-290 with "0" time O-320, Crhome cyls and 74D/56 Prop.  Oil cooler modification placed cooler forward of left front cyl, note: no big ugly extra square inlet in nose cowl for the antique cooler.

Replaced oil screen with spin on filter assembly and replaced venturis with a vacuum pump system.  Muffler was new shortly before restore project and has a new stainless heat muff.  Pilot window has a storm window and scoop like a Cherokee, lots of air!  Headliner new, original type.  Seats were recovered a few years before the restore and are great, except front seats need new inserts to be perfect, quoted $125.

Work during March 2008 Annual included replacing the old fuel select valve with a new late model one and replaced the G/ horizon.  Struts; these are not the sealed type, but were sealed up years ago, inspected and sloshed with corrosion X.  They are in excellent condition and in compliance with AD99-01-05 SB528D Part 1.