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Annapolis, Maryland, United States
(410) 626-6162
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Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Aircraft Description: 

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) offers extraordinary elegance and sophistication. With intercontinental range and high-performance capabilities, this aircraft is perfect for business or leisure travel. Destinations are reached with speed and grace, while offering amenities for airborne comfort, productivity and safety. This particular BBJ has been thoughtfully designed and built to the most exacting standards of craftsmanship, with the discriminating traveler in mind.

Specification Sheet: 
Airframe Information: 

TTAF: 1531.5

Landings: 723

Maximum Take Off Weight: 171,000 LBS
Maximum Landing Weight: 134,000 LBS
Operating Empty Weight: 99,894.3 LBS
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 105,000 LBS – reduced for FAA Part 91 Operations
Maximum Fuel Capacity: 70,659 LBS w/8 Aux Fuel Tanks (3 Fwd, 5 Aft)

Avionics Information: 
  • Single Cue Flight Director Display (dual cue available by Boeing Master Change SB)
  • Heads Up Display – Rockwell Collins HGS-2350 (single)
  • Dual Honeywell Air Data/IRU’s – Mag Variation Tables Updated Feb 2016
  • Dual Smith’s FMS (now GE) w/Alternate Navigation System for Standby Instrument – Large NDB Memory Capability
  • Triple VHF Coms – 8.33 KHz Spacing & VDL Mode 2 Compliant w/SELCAL
  • ACARS – CMU-900 – Data Link/CPDLC, FANS-1A (CVR is approved non-recording due to date of install)
  • Dual HF w/SELCAL
  • Dual VOR/Marker Beacon Receivers
  • Dual Multi-Mode Receivers with ILS/GPS
  • Global Landing System – GNSS/GBAS
  • Dual DME
  • Dual Radio Altimeters
  • Dual ADF
  • Multi-Scan Wx Radar System V2
  • TCAS 7.1
  • Dual Transponders – DO-260B & ADS-B Out 2020 Compliant
  • EGPWS w/Predictive Wind Shear – Honeywell MK V – SB 737A2292 Complied with
  • Honeywell Flight Control Computers & Mode Control Panel
  • Auto Throttle System
  • Auto Land (Fail Passive Yaw Damp Sys)
  • Auto Brakes w/RTO (Rejected Take Off) Function
  • Dual navAero Class II EFB Systems w/”Ownship” and XM Wx Display (“Provisional Carry On System”)
  • eADL – Teledyne Enhanced Airborne Data Loader with USB Interface and Internal Mass SW Storage Capability
  • SATCOM – Iridium, Dual Channel – True North Simphone Chorus System – Provides Voice Only and Wi-Fi to both SATCOM Systems
  • Flight Data & Cockpit Voice Recorders are Original Equipment as Delivered From Boeing.
Engine Information: 


Engine 1: S/N 874584
1531.5 HSN, 723 CSN

Engine 2: S/N 875606
1531.5 HSN, 723 CSN

APU: Honeywell 131-9(B)   S/N P-5279
2357.4 HSN, 1162 CSN

Interior Information: 

The 14-passenger interior has 8 single chairs and 2 divans.
The single chairs are new BE Aerospace manually controlled with new leather upholstery (May 2016).
Bedroom with Executive Lav and Shower – 120-Gallon Potable Water Capacity with Built-in Fill System Filters.
Vacuum Lav Waste system with Galley drain option to prevent on ground dumping of food debris on the ramp.
Dual Zone Cabin Temperature System (Raytheon) w/individual full range temp controls for Lounge/ Bedroom
2nd Observer Seat installed in Cockpit
Electric Window Shades (A&C) – Lounge & Bedroom. Single point all up or down from Hot Batt Sw on Flt Att Panel. (Will operate with aircraft totally powered down)
LED Interior Emergency Lighting System – Recently Upgraded
LED Cabin Lighting System – Recently Upgraded
Potable Water Sterilizer System – International Water
Guard Industries

42” LCD HD Monitors in Lounge and Bedroom
Live TV – Tailwind 550 DIRECTV System w/Fuselage Mounted Antenna. USA Domestic and European Decoders
Airshow 4000 Cabin Information System w/V2 Software
Look Ahead Aerial View Camera Mounted in Cockpit and Vertical Stabilizer for Viewing on Cabin / Bedroom Monitors
Crew Rest Area Monitor with DVD & DIRECTV (slaved to Lounge TV selection)
FAX/Print/Scan capability – Print from PED’s or Laptop via
Wi-Fi/Network Connection
Audio International IFE & CMS System

Exterior Information: 

Original, March 2001.

Aircraft Maintenance: 
  • 12-Year C4 Inspection (including Landing Gear Overhaul / Exchange) Completed March 2013 by AAC, Dallas.
  • C1 Inspection completed February 2016 by AAC, Dallas.
  • Next Inspection Due is C2 February 2019.
  • Aircraft is presently on a 3-year inspection interval with planned migration to the latest Boeing Dec. 2016 MPD 4-year interval.
  • Flightdocs Maintenance Tracking Program
  • The significant avionics components are actively covered under the Honeywell HAPP and Rockwell Collins CASP protection plans through March 2018.
Additional Information: 

Cascade #4 & 5 Cockpit Eyebrow Window Deletion STC Accomplished
Lower Cargo Compartment Upgraded to Dual Loop Fire Detection
Eligible For FAR 135 Certification – No Restriction On Completion STC
Wi-fi/Bluetooth XM Wx & GPS Position For iPad/iPhone PED’s
SATCOM – Inmarsat – Honeywell MCS 7147 W/Swift Broadband Internet Capability, Voice And Data
Long Range Passenger Oxygen System
Automatic APU Fire Extinguisher Discharge Master Change – On Ground Only