Lockheed T33A

Turbine Military
Serial Number: 

Aircraft Description

Details of Rebuild (2001)
Wing: Opened and inspected, fuel cells inspected. All new hardware, hoses and fittings, bearings replaced. New or overhauled fuel pumps installed. Fuselage: Electronic system inspected, many cannon plugs replaced. Fire detection system overhauled, late style "Nascar" fiberglass, seats installed, new harness installed. Cockpits completely refurbished with new wiring, switches and circuit breaker, overhauled fuselage fuel tank installed, with overhaul pump. New windshields installed. Engine: Overhauled engine installed with OHC Generator/Starter/Fuel Controls and started.

Airframe Information: 

SNEW: 2907.8

Since Rebuild: 127 (2001)

Engine Information: 

Allison J-33-17G

SMOH: 145

Interior Information: 

Gray Cockpits and Panels Redone with New Placards

Exterior Information: 

US Air Force Markings in Aggressor Squadron Gray Camouflage

Additional Information: 

Annual Inspection Completed December 2012
No Corrosion

  • Ground Hydraulic Mule 110 Volts
  • Overhauled Exhaust Unit
  • USAF Fuselage Tail Removal Hydraulic Towable Cart
  • New Main Tire
  • Tow Bar
  • New Skin for just aft of Canopy
  • Overhauled Starter 2CM95B10
  • 10 Overhauled Leading Edge Fuel Pumps
  • 4 New Main Gear Tubes and Main Tire
  • Complete Set of USAF Maintenance and Parts Manuals
  • Main Boarding Ladder
  • 2 Starter Boxes
  • Large Box of New Landing Gear Seals and Tools
  • 2 Boxes of Electrical Switches , Relays, Misc
  • 2 New Military Rebuilt Main Gear Brake Discs, Calipers and Cyls.
  • 3 Main Fuel Valves
  • 3 Gallons of Imron Touch up Paint
  • Good used Main Gear Wheel
  • 2 Main Gear Wheels with good mounted tires and bearings, complete and used
  • New fuselage skin just behind canopy
  • 5 Good Burner Cans
  • 1 Hyd. Accumulator
  • 1 Air Conditioner with Turbine
  • Good Travel Pod
  • Good used Left Armament Door
  • 3 Barrels of Tubing and Piping
  • Good Used left Wing to Fuselage Fairing
  • 10-15 Small Boxes of New and Used Parts
  • Good used Speed Brake Door and Link Assemblies
  • Good Used lower wing skins
  • New Flap Transmitter
  • Left and Right New Windshield Side Glass
  • 2 Rebuilt Fuselage Fuel Tank Pumps
  • Tach Generator
  • Flap Drive and Control Box
  • Air Valve
  • Hydraulic Tank
  • Dive Flap Valve and Motor
  • 3 Boxes of Relays
  • Box of Brake Pads
  • Good used glass Windshield
  • 2 Voltage Regulators
  • 2 Good Used Main Gear Strut Assembly
  • Good Used Nose Gear Strut Assembly
  • 2 Rebuilt Shimmy Dampers
  • All Retract Mechanisms for Nose and Mains
  • Main Fuel Filter
  • 4 Rebuildable Float Valves
  • 6 Tail Pipe Y Plates
  • Military Aircraft Tug with GPU jet start 1800 amps
  • Jet-Cal Test Box

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